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Serial Skillz – Live @ Compressor

recorded live @ Enter The Cube party
25.01.2014. in club Compressor – Novi Sad
Alan Fitzpatrick – The Tetra
Maxime Dangles – Falbalus
Marco Bailey – The Falcon (The Advent, Industrialyzer Remix)
Timmo – Bermuda
Nikola Gala – Germanium
Robert Hood – Drive (The Age Of Automation) (Phase Nocturnal & Original mix)
Kalden Bess – Smokin
Floorplan – Baby, Baby
Spartaque – Mantequilla
Sam Paganini – Chocolate
Recondite – Cleric
Mehmet Akar – Mental Health Hotline


Garofalo – Find Yourself

Milan Bogdanovic’s Find Yourself 1st anniversary @
Butch – Om Namaha Shiva (Original Mix)
Leftfield – Song Of Life (Betoko Mix)
Hans Zimmer- Time (Pen Perry Remix)
Olaf Stuut – Huh (Original Mix)
Niklas Thal – Winter Symphony (Original Mix)
Cosmic Cowboys – Zero Gravity Love (Matthias Meyer & Patlac Remix)
Arjuna Schiks – Parkish (Maximiljan Breaks Remix)
2Fake – Decadence (Original Mix)
TRan – Danse Avec Les Loups (Original Mix)
Lanny May – Microlights
Logiztik Sounds – Hope (Original Mix)
Hells Kitchen – Trial (PHM Remix)
Pantha Du Prince – Bohemian Forest
Steve Slight & Rob Hes – Focusing (Gabriel Ananda Remix)

SERIAL – BETON Radioshow #228

DOWNLOAD 320kbps

Stretched Freeform – As33
Extrawelt – The Inkling
Suuns – 2020 (joeFarr Remix 2)
Radial – Asiel
Oscar Mulero – Transversal
Borealis – Streamsnare
Octave – M Drive
Matt Whitehead – A Is For Acid (Perc Redux)
Inigo Kennedy – Collector
Rodhad – Spomeniks (Original Mix)
dbx – losing control
The Advent & A.Paul – a-theory (virgil enzinger remix)
Phase – Perplexed (Original Mix)
Planetary Assault System – No Exit
David Meiser – Rising Entropy
O [Phase] – Binary Opposition (Process 3)
Woo York – Oka
Mark Morris – Indysine (Future 16 remix)
Rrose – the stare (original mix)
Unam Zetineb – Presage
Vegim – X28
perc – 405 (original mix)
Terence Fixmer – in chains (original mix)
Sawf – Know the System
Patrick DSP – the science (original mix)
Death Abyss – Humiliate For Sport
Reeko – Melted
Drumcell – Disturbance
Kryptic Minds, Paul Mac – Icon (Killawatt Remix)
Ctrls – Modular Framework
Clouds – Chained To A Dead Camel
Winx – Don’t Laugh (Acapella)
Borealis – Jawberry
Exercise One – The Raven
Synth Sense – You and Your Ghost
Mark Morris – When Who Is Mark (Acapella)

Garofalo – I’m a dreamer

Butch – Dreaming (Prolog)
Isolee – Allowance (Original Mix)
DAVI – Two suns in the sky
SimpliCity – Singing Or Speaking
Guy Mantzur, Khen, Kamila – Moments Becoming Endless Time (Original Mix)
Deepfunk, Guy Mantzur – The Mind Palace (Original Mix)
Kassey Voorn – Chords From the Heart (Microtrauma Remix)
Booka Shade – Love Inc (Hot Since 82 Remix)
Guy J – Seven (Original Mix)
Agoria – Scala (Original Mix)
Oniris – Better Days
Pasco B – Just Another Leap Of Faith (Original Mix)
Neel V – What Dreams May Come (Original Mix)
Butch – Dimensions (Original Mix)
Van Did – Antaa (10dens Remix)
Magshine – When The Stars Are Falling (Tvardovsky Remix)
Gabriel Ananda – Let It In And Let It Out (Original Mix)
Van Did & Melodule – Deep Velvet (Romulus remix)
Arthur Oskan – Omegaman
Olivier Weiter, Rob Hes – Speechless (Original Mix)
QuiQui – Sprookje
Ruttenbergs – Heating
Spitbastard – Bad Dream (Original Mix)
Mononoid & Merel Wijnber – Scare Quotes (Original Mix)
PHM – Agonia (Original Mix)
Hells Kitchen – Coke Tramp (Original Mix)
Nils Frahm – Peter (Max Cooper Remix)

Garofalo – The Magic of Music


Dubit – Psyco dyno
Unbalance – Freeze
Rrose – 23 lashes
Puresque – 001A (Bitten by The Black Dog)
Space DJz – The Enigma
Shifted – Leather
Alexander Johansson – Petroil (Jeff F Remix)
Blawan – Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?
Pfirter – Fractales
Monoloc – HH (Original Mix)
Pedro Freiberger – Blood In The Soul (Original Mix)
Manic Brothers – Moving Forward (Original Mix)
Toby Dreher – Chordhose (Mark Broom Deep Mix)
Joseph Capriati – Solar System (Original Mix)
Skober – In My Mind (Original Mix)
Mr Jones – Three Dozen (ABrothers Black Carpet Remix)
3phazegenerator – Black Lilac (Audio Injection Remix)
Scalameriya – Steampunk Departure
Tex-Rec – Omny.G
Q’le – Haloperidol (Original Mix)
Vegim – Drummachen (Michael Schwarz Remix)
Vegim – Drummachen (Klinika Remix)
Refraction – T Receptor (NHB & Fabrizio Pettorelli Remix)
Johannes Heil – Heiliger Bimm Bamm (Space Djz Remix)
Roberto Capuano – Oblivion (Original Mix)
Angelo B – Emphasis (Original mix)
Nicolas Oliver – Decimate (Original Mix)
Scalameriya & Forest People – Unit.01
Tommy Four Seven – Enki

Exclusive summer mix for DFM 138
& refresh festival contest.

Matthew Dekay, Lee Burridge – Lost In A Moment (Original Mix)
Julio Bashmore – Troglodytes
Adriatique – Roads
Guy J – Lost & Found (Original Mix)
Fur Coat feat. Cari Golden – You And I
Mark Henning – Chicago Sunrise (Original Version)
Electric Rescue – Dope (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)
Huxley – Let It Go (Original Mix)
Hal Incandenza – Ventura (Dub Version)
DifferentME – Back To Tomorrow (Original Mix)
Tom Flynn – People Everyday (Original Mix)
Ryan Davis – Dragonheart

Access to Arasaka – Photons Second Quantization
Forward Strategy Group – Cultivar
Agony forces – polar era (ancient methods remix)
Forest People – Theoricus
Planetary Assault System – Function 4 (Lucy Remix 1)
Trus’me – In The Red (DVS1 Remix)
Phil Kieran – Wasps Under A Toy Boat
Electric Rescue – I’m A Serial Killer (Original Mix)
Ben Sims – The Parade
Dusty Kid – Lynchesque (Extended Version)
efector – bad day
Industrialyzer – 60.000 Miles
Klinika – Ephedrinum
Patrice Baumel – Pong (Pongapella)
Florian Tyack, Funkbrain – Paradign (Original Mix)
O [Phase] – Binary Opposition (Ctrls Process)
Tex-Rec – E.P.S Note
GabeeN – Dark Shade
Sev Dah – Saint Of The Cave
AnGy KoRe, Gymmy J – Wayfarer (Dandi And Ugo Remix)
Uakoz – Let’s Play (Original Mix)
Brendon Moeller – Adjust To The Fading Light (Echologist Reshape)
Static Sense – Road To Nowhere (Original Mix)
AnGy KoRe – Life Is Space (Gymmy J & Daniele Crocenzi Destruction Mix)
Untitled2Music – Surgery (Original Mix)
Tim Muller – Fourcraft (Original Mix)
Perc – A New Brutality
SHXCXCHCXSH – kxxkxxxkkxx
Sven Wittekind – Devil Inside (Original Mix)
Neuroxyde & Sisko Elect – Implication One Feat Ariam (Original Mix)

Garofalo – Fantasy

4.5hours of progressive vibes with a tracklist inside 🙂

SERIAL – Wired Up Radio 020

Emptyset – Divide / Terence Fixmer – Electric City (Tool 1)
Voidloss – Rain Down On The Soul
Xhin – The Realm
Dustin Zahn & Edit Select – Tunnels (Dub Tool)
EXIUM – Pulser
Sead Redzic & Forest People- Horio Bosona (Original Mix)
Bojan Vukmirovic – Testing Model [Rusk remix]
Static Sense – Nazgul (Original Mix)
Dandi & Ugo – Il Passatore (Original Mix)
Tex-Rec – Android (Original Mix)
Hans Bouffmyhre Hypnosis / Matador – 124Tonetool
Sebastian Groth – Like This (Mike Maaß Remix)
Mike Maaß – Streets of Brooklyn (Michael Schwarz Remix)
Eric Sneo – Quantum Reality
MdS – Devasting (Balthazar & JackRock remix)
Knobs – Atavic (Mike Humphries Remix)
Psycatron & Detroit Grand Pubahs – NvrSayNvr (Unsubscribe Remix)