this is a cut from my live set 05.02.2011. @ MPM party
w/ Sinisa Lukic, Forest People, Miroslav Pavlovic, Alex…
first hour is warm-up progressive sound flying trough some tech
& second hour is banging 3deck techno!

featuring tracks from:
16bit lolitas, Henry Saiz, Lutzenkirchen, Jurgen Paape, Jay Lumen,
Christian Smith, Mihail Safras, Mark Broom, John Acquaviva,
Olivier Giacomotto, H2, Mauro Picotto, Logotech, Secret Cinema,
Angy Kore, MicroCheep & Mollo, Roman Gertz, Axel Karakasis,
Sasha Carassi, Subfractal, Virgil Enzinger, Tex-Rec, Advent & Industrialyzer,
& many others!

I think it’s my best mix up to date because it’s recorded live
& it represents me in true light!

Danijel Savic liked it so much, he took it for his show
& broadcasted 11.02. @ bobar radio party zone.

Downloading this set is the best way to hear out my
mixing skills & my choise of music and to see what this
Serial spamer is talking about 🙂

DOWNLOAD 320kbps

or listen it on my mixcloud